Calling All Writers, Artists, Photographers and Creatives

Hello everyone,

Thank you so much for sending in your submissions and messages of support. They have been a joy to read, and I’m blown away by the excitement that this project is building within the writing community. The first issue is well underway, with days now being filled with reading, planning, designing and promoting. Every day is exciting.

If you are a writer, artist, photographer, or just an all-round creative, Spinebind wants to see your work. I want this to be a place where creative people can share their work, promote their work, and know that their work is valued. The creative industry is such an important industry for our culture and I feel so passionately about bringing people in this industry together. If you agree with what Spinebind is about, and if you would like your work to be a part of the magazine, please head over to the submissions tab to find out how you can submit. I can’t wait to read more submissions and piece them all together into the creative, risk-taking, diverse collection that is issue #1.


{Featured image: “Marroni” by Larissa Drazic. Check out her website at LDimagery}


Tamara Drazic

Editor of Spinebind


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